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A feis is an Irish Dance competition in which dancers at every level can compete against dancers from other Irish Dance schools. Dancers take their turn dancing their steps in front of a judge, and are awarded placements.

Dancers are required to have a proper costume, wig, socks, and shoes and know their dance steps without assistance, in order to participate in a feis. Your child's teacher can best let you know when your dancer is ready to begin feising. Not all dancers choose to compete, but it is a fun way to travel and meet new people! Feises are held all over the U.S. and Canada, and there is one just about every week-end! Our students compete in the Midwest Region. Although you can feis in any region, certain rules apply for advancement to the next level.

To find out about upcoming feises, you can set up a family profile and recieve emails about registrations by going to and also 

Before your dancer begins to feis, it is a good idea to check one of the local ones out to see what it is all about. You can check the website calendar for upcoming feis dates.

Happy Feising!